Andrea decided one day while sitting in front of a computer at a big corporation, that there had to be more to life than "this." She and friend Liz of 25 years sat in a cafe in Larkspur one day where there was a gorgeous Bernese Mt. Dog leashed to his owners chair. It brought such a smile to their faces. That's when Andrea said to Liz, "lets do something with dogs!" She talked about her love for them and had all this entrepreneurial experience from her past working for entrepreneurs. Andrea (and Liz) were burnt running around like chickens in the film/tv/multimedia industry. So in '97 Andrea sat at Stinson Beach one day drawing up her one and only MoonDoggy flyer (named after the old surf movies with "Gidget"). She used a picture of her old beloved dog Dusky and thus the logo, Dusky and the crescent moon. After years of hiking the Open Space roads of Marin with her dog, she knew this was her niche, because it was so natural and brought her so much joy. MoonDoggy Dog Walking Adventures, now employs 10 people and is still a popular, growing service in Marin and Petaluma.