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Are you thinking of starting your own off leash dog-walking business? It will bring you so much joy as it does for my partners and me. Being outdoors while exercising and playing with dogs AND getting paid for it is truly a wonderful lifestyle. My goal is to provide you with all the support and basics that you'll need to launch your own walking business. For example:

  • Business and legal forms (hard copy and diskette or e-mail)
  • Pricing Structure
  • Telephone support
  • Client relation instruction
  • Dog procedure instruction
  • Advertising advice
  • Image advice
  • Dog behavior consult
  • Extended services (boarding, house sitting, vacation visits and home delivered pet food)
  • Hiring staff
  • Public etiquette while walking
  • Exercise locations

For your fee you will receive a binder of information that will instruct you as well as one hour of telephone time (used as needed) for questions and concerns that you might have during the ramp up of your business.

This business is for people who have an extraordinary love for dogs and other pets. It is not recommended for those who:

  • Only Want to make a fast buck
  • Are not physically fit
  • Have never owned a dog
  • Are afraid of dogs
  • Handle dogs in an abusive manner
  • Do not have off-leash areas to exercise

Hopefully, your goal will be to reach those who want a full life for their dog. A lot of people adopt or purchase a dog and don't know how to responsibly care for him or her. When someone sees you out there walking a group of dogs and notices the absolute blast other dogs are experiencing and sees the benefit of exercise and socialization, it will impact the average dog guardian greatly. In other words, spread the doggie love!


Andrea S. Vincent
MoonDoggy Dog Walking Adventures